Dr. Tóth D. Ildikó Ügyvédi Iroda

EST. 2001


Effective legal assistance

Welcome to the website of the Dr. Tóth D. Ildikó Law Firm

The office started its operation in 2001 in Budapest I. district. Since its foundation, the firm has provided legal representation for numerous Hungarian and foreign clients with great dedication and in a very client-friendly manner

Professional legal advice and representation

In the fields of economic law, civil law, copyright law, labor law



for companies, organizations, individuals

Legal advice in civil law and labour law issues

Legal advice for companies, condominiums, housing associations and individuals in Hungarian, English and French


Representation in civil and non-contentious proceedings

Representation of clients of the firm before courts and other bodies


Establishment and representation of business associations

Establishment of companies operating in various forms, legal support for their operation and participation in the liquidation of business associations

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Condominiums, housing cooperatives

Establishment of condominiums and housing cooperatives and participation in their legal transactions

Real estate transactions

Full range of legal services in the purchase, exchange, lease, establishment of mortgages and all other real estate transactions



H-1013 Budapest, Attila út 4.

Consultation based on prior appointment 


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Dr. Tóth D. Ildikó Law Firm

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